No regrets…right?!

So, here we are with quite a story these last 8 months. I’m cooking organically, appointments fill my calendar, the weather today is absolutely lovely and my child has cancer. Yea, I wish it was a game…which one of these statements doesn’t belong with the others? Well I suppose I should rewind and fill in the details of those jam-packed sentences.

Last year  Greg and I were itching for a change. Usually for me it’s nothing a little Home Good’s can’t fix but this was different. We started to ask ourselves… can we really do this? Do we dare? I always wanted to be a skier. I’ve only been a few times but I loved every freeing minute of it. We really wanted to simplify our lifestyle. Getting out of the grind and into the fresh air seemed so appealing. Through a series of different events we found ourselves sending resumes to Idaho,Washington and Oregon. We were living in the suburbs of Chicago, had a beautiful home, friends, family and well… a job.


(Picture from last years Seahawks superbowl win, you’re welcome Greg)

The thought of ever selling my house and renting again made me panicky inside. We had worked so hard to get where we were and no reason to give it all up, right? So, we decided that if God wanted us there that we wouldn’t push open any doors. We would only put in the effort and God would direct that effort wherever He wanted. Let’s make a long story short. God showed up. He showed up big. We sold our house and it funded our dream of all things outdoors! We were going to be a skiing,biking,hiking,camping family. Job-check. House-check. Travel across the country with 3 kids in a minivan…check!

IMG_1338 IMG_1299

So we did it! We packed up our stuff(4 Uboxes, 30 hr. drive, 2 hotels, 10 million coffee’s) and moved across the country to Post Falls, Idaho.


We loved our new place and it’s serene mountain view. Many things to do, we planted fresh flowers, cut the grass and started unpacking.  Just one little pesky thing on my mind. Lane’s bump. *Rewind* See, Lane has this bump on her face that showed up after a birthday party. “Oh my goodness, what happened to your face Lane?” I said to her the next morning. “Oh, I wasn’t watching where I was going and I ran into someone at the party.” Hmm, okay well I guess that happens right? Ok, that will settle down and go away soon, for sure. So after a month of this bump not going away I did what most parents would do. I took her to the doctor.


“Yes, that’s quite the goose egg”, says the doc. She went on to tell me that bumps can sometimes take many months to go down. Ok, *breathe* so should we get some sort of test done? Anything? “No”, she says…”If it was my kid I would probably wait”. Well, I suppose that’s it then. After specifically asking if waiting would hurt anything (the answer was no, I was worried about a blood clot) we gathered up our things and left. Sweet, my baby is fine. We are selling the house and continuing with our  awesome journey. *Resume Present Time*

Just four days after arriving, I decided to make an appointment for a second opinion. Ok, one more appointment and maybe a test or two and we will have complete peace of mind and be done with this “bump” business. This appointment was the beginning of a new journey for us. A journey so far that has been overwhelmed with sadness, drenched by tears and infused with complete grace. God’s grace.






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