Several weeks have past since we cut our hair.
We’ve managed to sneak some fun in, reach milestones, meet more great people and see prayer answered.

2013-10-12 02.52.37
We’ve watched football. The good. The bad. The really ugly.


2013-10-08 23.12.37
We’ve seen what can happen with a whole box of apples while mom is on the phone. It was also just as much fun making them into applesauce, apple juice and pie filling.


2013-10-05 08.16.52
We’ve celebrated a 1st birthday! A delicious first birthday.


2014-09-20 09.44.41
We’ve snuggled together for treatment.


2014-09-15 15.58.03
We’ve taken our fair share of selfies ūüôā


2014-10-06 09.45.14
We’ve had great friends decide to wonderfully symbolize their prayer for Lane with these Overcomer bracelets. We will wear this bracelet until Lane has conquered cancer and finished chemo.


2014-10-02 17.53.11
We’ve had gigantic pizza with friends.


2014-10-02 12.33.54
Music at treatments is just what we do…no big deal.


2014-10-08 08.15.31
We are prayed for constantly and receive support continuously. We have basket raffles, Tupperware parties and fundraisers from people who just want to help. Thank you all!


2014-10-01 14.02.25
We pumpkin patched our way through this beautiful day. This sweet girl also received the nomination for student of the month in her Kindergarten class!


2014-09-24 10.03.07
We take mountain side 8th anniversary drives.


These pictures are a snapshot of our life lately. Our calendar is full, we go to bed late and wake up early. God is good. A marvelous thing is happening with Lane and her treatments…

She’s feeling better!
Her treatments are the same but her recovery time is remarkable. She’s playing more and crying less.
She’s actually playing on the same day of her treatment.
Prayer works!
I follow her around like a toddler taking their first steps,
“Lane, maybe you should come lay down” I wince.
“Nah, I wanna play” she laughs as she runs to the neighbors house.
Today she lives in victory!
Then I hear those two words…
“I’m hungry”
Act casual. Do not pick her up and twirl her sweet face around the room.
We usually settle on soup but sometimes potatoes will do.

During all of these events are the workings of an actual life. Decisions to be made and sacrifices to make. I find that many days I feel like Peter walking on the water. Life gets too overwhelming and If I don’t keep my mind on Christ’s truth then I sink, instantly in anxious despair. Ruth, a great friend of mine, told me to make decisions with prayer, counsel and research then stick with it 100%. So when we decided to stay at a job because we saw God moving despite the¬†absence of it meeting our monetary needs…that advice was divine. We understand that what’s happening with Lane¬†is a gateway for God to work. Our lives¬†are changing. We’ve seen God provide at the 11th hour and our needs have always been met.

Trust me, we’ve drank the watered down version of Christianity.

We’ve definitely defined how God can work by our¬†own reality.

We’ve¬†greedily accepted the cop out’s of a comfortable Christian life.

I’m starting to get the feeling that God’s trying to tell me something…



3 thoughts on “Snapshots…

  1. Ruth is a friend with Godly wisdomūüėÉ and sound biblical advice. God wants to break that spirit of mediocrity in all our lives, thanks for the reminder indeed, SURRENDER! A daily death by choice…Thanks for new photos .
    Together we overcome. The word says one puts a thousand to flight and two puts 10,000 to flight and a cord of three isn’t easily broken! We are woven with God and other believers who are standing together with you. You will see God Bless in the land of the living! By his stripes we ARE healed!
    The Garland

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