A very heart felt thank you!


So many tremendous life changing experiences have happened over the last few months. I’ve laid in bed many nights thinking about this post. The post I wanted to write of thankfulness. I find this season of life to be one big oxymoron. In many cases I’m very sad but I’m also very happy. My heart is broken but it’s also full. However one thing that has remained consistent is I’ve never felt alone. There are several pieces missing to all of my posts. Those pieces are all of the help, love and encouragement we’ve received along the way.

During the initial diagnosis my in-laws, Rob and Karen Sanwald, played a major role in helping us through the phones calls and tests. They’ve driven, after work, through the night to be here for appointments we’ve had the next day. They offered us time. Time to breathe for a minute, get coffee and just be. They’ve prayed for us and supported us. Thank you for that!


I can not think of a time when someone wasn’t encouraging us. My sister, Tracy Schoppen, was looking for flights just days after the diagnosis. She was here for tests and phone calls (the scary ones) too but mostly complete support. She’s spent hours on the phone with me, encouraging me, laughing and crying with me. Many of the women from her church have been praying for Lane, who has affectionately turned into “our Lanie girl”. Tracy and Jerry (brother in law) have also spread Lane’s story to their church and friends. Thank you to MBC in Minooka IL for prayers and love for Lane. Tracy, thank you for being my sister and friend. I love you.

My parents and brother flew in for Lane’s surgery. We lived faith unfolding. We were in the valley and the mountain top in one week. My parents, John and Edith Jordan, have encouraged me, cried with me (2am. phone calls and more) and sat in silence with me. Thank you for loving my girls!  Most importantly they have prayed with me and constantly pointed to God.  Thank you to their church, First Baptist Church of Lockport, for your prayers and support.  Thank you mom and dad. I love you.

2013-08-17 07.10.22

So here we are in a brand new place. We have no family close and a huge diagnosis. I can tell you we’ve never went without a babysitter, a meal or a friend. My neighbors have a huge part to play in that. Bill and Brandy Ellis are very much a picture of God’s presence. In all the states,towns, neighborhoods and houses God placed us here. Right next to people who exude God’s mercy. Four days into being in Post Falls, Idaho we started this journey with Lane. The Ellis family has been an intricate part of it all. We’ve spent many evenings laughing and talking with one another. Our children love each other like brother and sisters. Matter of fact I can get Lane to eat almost anything If I say that Logan likes it. I feel that most words cheapen how I feel about what the Ellis family has done for us. Thank you for researching this diagnosis with me, for endless hours of letting my girls play at your house, for stocking up on string cheese that Lane will inevitably eat, for making dinners, for watching the girls and for a million other behind the scene details. Thank you for being our friends.

2014-08-28 07.46.19


Through the Ellis’s we came to Real Life Ministries of Post falls and through that I’ve met some amazing ladies. My bible study ladies have been such a gift. They’ve given gifts, recipes and most importantly friendship. Thank you ladies for praying for my girl and our family. Thank you for dropping off baskets of food and toys for Lane before big treatments. Thank you for being involved.

Through these past few months there is no one that quite feels my emotions other than Greg. Greg has been an amazing partner to me and a giant protector to Lane. He carries her when she can’t walk. He sings to her when she can’t sleep. He holds the bucket when she’s sick. Greg has gone through sleepless nights thick with grief but he carries on. Thank you for your protection and your courage. Thank you for going to work even when your thoughts our clouded by circumstances. You are standing in the gap for our family, thank you. Some days you carry us all on your shoulders, thank you. You’ve trusted God and live in hope. Thank you Greg, I love you.

2013-08-13 23.35.41

 To my sweet girls Lane, Belle and Emmy. Belle you are such a sweet fire. You hold Lane close when she’s hurting and cheer her up when she’s crying. You are gentle with her when she’s strong and you two laugh my heart to pieces almost all the time. I love you:) Emmy, you are just a giant sprinkle and confetti filled bag of joy. You make us all smile and laugh often…I love you:) Lane, you are the essence of bravery. You are lovely and pure. Thank you for fighting and for getting past the bad days to just have fun, to live. I pray that God brings you closer to Him through this. I pray that for all of us. Thank you my little girl, I love you.


These are a few distinct instances of people being here for us. I have many facebook friends, old friends and new, family, many churches and people we’ve never met who are praying for us fervently and have supported us.  Those texts, emails or phone calls are always right when we need them. The packages, gifts and support are such an amazing example for us to share with our girls and constantly point them to Christ and how He’s taken care of us. A very heartfelt thank you.

You see, terrible things can happen and do happen all the time. God knew this was going to happen and prepared us and others for it. Our hope comes in these words, God’s people have shown us His love. These thank you’s are a roadmap of God’s presence. He’s still here.


6 thoughts on “A very heart felt thank you!

  1. Reading your posts has been such an inspiration to offer hope to those around me in the midst of their circumstances. You see we don’t all experience the same trials but we can express the same love which comes from the father. Love you guys!


  2. Hi Bethany and Greg, I am a friend of Tracy’s. Even though I don’t know you all personally, I just want you to know ever since the day Tracy told us of your precious little Lane’s bump on the side of her eye and then her diagnosis I have had her on my heart and mind daily. Her little face has been seared on my heart actually. So thankful the Lord has blessed you with the great family you have and these wonderful neighbors! It is so comforting to know that there is no hopeless situation when you have an advocate in Jesus. He IS our hope. Awesome God. Mighty God. He is Almighty! He is amazing to say the least! I (and my family) are continuing to pray for our little Lanie girl! Prayers for healing and renewed strength every single day 🙂


    • Thank you Becki! Your words are kind and true. I hope we can meet someday in this world but if not rest assured you have a big hug coming to you when we reach our real home. Your prayers and thought have fueled us for the hard days. Thank you again!


  3. Bethany, you are so sweet to have responded here with all that you have going on. I forgot to mention in my message that we are also continuing to pray for you and Greg, Belle & Emmy through this too. Praying He directs your every step and that you feel His love and comfort always!


  4. We are so blessed to be a part of your journey! We are fervently praying for each of you that God will continue to reveal Himself to you in a mighty way! You have touched our family in such a way that I cannot even express with words!


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