Mountain top Christmas.

Well, she did it!!  4.5 weeks, over 100+ hours in the hospital of radiation and continued chemo.
2013-12-18 21.44.06

The nurses for radiation oncology at Spokane Children’s Hospital were outstanding. Thank you Marcy for dedicating every moment to making her comfortable and assisting in a smooth process every time. Kari, your ability to make her laugh and provide a safe atmosphere for her will always be remembered.

2013-12-18 22.14.58

2013-12-18 22.15.32

We also would like to thank the staff at Pediatric Surgery/ Recovery at Spokane Children’s Hospital. Lane was sedated every day and had to recover in the Surgery center where her nurses, Camille and Greg, met us each morning with a smile and a fast process to assure Lane’s best outcome.

So here we are…DONE with the gigantic monster of radiation! My girl endured 23 treatments of radiation and 10 days of chemo during the last 4.5 weeks.
I’m so very thankful to the Lord for softening the memories of those jagged mornings. My little girl definitely helped me to understand the possibilities of a person who is unshakeable!
Even though Lane still has many months of chemo ahead-

She taught me that just because we may have every reasonable excuse to be broken…we don’t have to use it.

That’s what makes this Christmas so very special. Life is amplified! Through the depth of pain we’ve felt the pinnacle of joy!
So, in preparation for sending out our yearly Christmas cards I set up the props, my girls donned pretty outfits and angelic pictures ensued…






Nailed it!

Ok, so I might have been a bit frustrated at first. It sure is funny now! I’m so very thankful for these little girls. I’m thankful that God picked me to be their mom. I’m thankful Jesus loves us…so much that he was born to save me, and my girls…and you.
This year as I study the faces of my children, hold my husbands hand a little tighter and squeeze every minute from the day I will remember:

Our real gifts this year have been presence-
The presence of our sweet girls.
The presence of amazing friends who dropped off dinner.
The presence of family who jumped on a flight.
The presence of neighbors who accompanied me to the early radiation appointments.
The presence of PRAYER…thank you to all who are on their knees for our girl!
The presence of letters that continually encourage us.
The presence of a Living Savior who is our daily Hope.

Happy Birthday Jesus
Merry Christmas


One thought on “Mountain top Christmas.

  1. Bethany, I just saw this. I’d forgotten about the picture. Thank you for the kind comments. I just read about Lane’s recurrence. I’m so very very sorry. As always I will continue to pray for her and your family.


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