End in sight…June 2nd

First thing’s first..I’m sorry! I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve last updated this blog. Thousands of thank you’s to everyone that reads this blog faithfully and follows Lane’s journey. I would like to start by sharing our last few months with all of you.

2014-02-01 05.04.50
We rooted for our team!   *It didn’t end well*
2015-01-02 14.06.06
We played in the snow. Once.

2015-01-02 14.06.31

2015-02-19 08.00.58
Emmy is swiftly becoming a selfie pro!

We celebrated a very big 5th birthday for Lanie Bug!!!!

2014-02-08 06.50.32 2014-02-08 05.32.37 2014-02-08 08.59.24

She’s had chemo ever Monday and we’ve completed several 5 days (she goes in Monday-Friday for chemo) and an overnight. We officially see the finish line and our last day of chemo is June 2nd.

JUNE 2nd!!!!

These last few months have been pretty smooth for us and we’ve immensely enjoyed the quietness of this season. Lane had an MRI and a CT scan which came back clean as a whistle. Our joy comes with the perspective of the beginning of treatment, which was extremely dark and unknown, to a world where she’s doing…good. She wears braces to stabilize her feet from the effects of her neuropathy. She lost her new hair growth and has some puffiness in her face from radiation BUT she is doing good.
Last week she had chemotherapy every day. She got sick almost every day in the hospital BUT on the way home she ate 2 cheeseburgers…every day!

Most days for Lane are good days. Most days we thrive. We are so very thankful for that.
I am 100% sure on one thing…God has honored your prayers for my daughter.

Thank you!



6 thoughts on “End in sight…June 2nd

  1. You all look beautiful! It’s evident in the pictures that you are no longer feeling like you are running an uphill battle, but just doing what you need to do and making the most of the fun times! I CANNOT WAIT to see you all so soon. Love you. ❤


  2. Bethany, I am glad to be reconnected. I will be praying for your precious daughter and entire family. You have been through so much in such a short amount of time. Thank u for sharing this blog. I will cont to follow the story. Praying for complete healing. Believe.


  3. SO THANKFUL for this update and for the light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel good news!! God is so good and so big, and He has not only sustained your family through this fight, but as you said…He has allowed it to thrive. Your picture is in my bathroom on my mirror…and again, even though I’ve never met Lane or your family, my kids and I pray for her regularly! Can’t wait to share this update with my community group tonight! We’ll be counting down the days with you, too!! God bless, Your Illinois Cheering/Praying family ❤


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