Catching our second wind…closing in on the finish line!

2015-04-24 18.39.50

How many days til I’m done with cancer?”

That’s a question Lane asks almost every day. We’ve had a countdown going for quite some time now. Some days it’s because she really wants to go to the McDonalds playhouse and some days it’s because she’s tired of being tired. But it’s always because she’s excited!

We have 4 treatments days left.

Today she is on day 3 of her 5 day and after this she has two weeks off then her very last all day treatment.

4 treatment days left.

We started this scared, afraid but always hopeful with a full 42 week treatment cycle and four weeks of radiation and we are down to 4!

After her scans at the end of June she will get to ring the Cancer Free Bell…I think of that bell often. I remember our first overnight treatment and seeing a gathering in the hallway for a little boy who got to ring that bell.

One of the sweetest sounds in the world and I can hardly wait.

These last few weeks have been so tedious, because we are so close. Lane is tired and has to nap often but I know as soon as those eyes crack open that she will ask in a crackly voice, “Can I go play outside” or “What kinda snacks do we have Momma?” No such thing as cancer that can keep my sweet girl down, well, not after her nap anyway!

One thing that has changed in our life is that we simply live. We get off the couch. We shut off the tv and put down the phones and we live.

2015-04-18 14.41.15
Circus with some of our best friends!
2015-04-17 10.40.14
Park dates with more friends!
2015-03-28 15.40.35
Planting seeds with the neighbors!
2015-05-04 17.18.44
Camping?! Yes, remember we were doing new things and living life -note to self.

2015-05-09 17.59.14

2015-05-15 13.55.27
Movie birthday party with even more friends!
2015-05-19 15.50.29
Emmy, Emmy, Emmy!
2015-04-19 20.11.42
Bonfire and Blizzards Sunday!

We’ve accomplished many things this year not despite cancer but because of it. We’ve made decisions to lose weight, start a business, change habits, work hard and play often.

Not because we fear death but because we see the value of life.

Because God gave us this life to share together and we want to do it with no regrets and to the best of our ability.

2014-04-05 01.51.09

Last night after dinner with the neighbors(we love them and yes they have actual names but we can’t seem to escape just calling each other the neighbors) we all decided to go on a bike ride. With Emmy and Lane cozy in the bike trailer we set off on a wonderful evening of exploration and it was beautiful. It was perfect. It was a gift.

LAST DAY: June 8th is coming…if you need to practice clapping, crying or screaming with excitement now would be a good time!

2015-05-10 14.42.48


3 thoughts on “Catching our second wind…closing in on the finish line!

  1. Love love love this! What a beautiful family from the inside out. Love the pictures… What fun memories! So glad I was able to join you for some of them. ❤ you all! Laney bug- you're amazing! Love and miss you all!


  2. The finish line is SOOOOO near.  Your picture is still in my bathroom, and your family is still in my prayers!  So excited for Lane to RING THAT BELL.  Hope you get a chance to post a video of that…would love to cry and clap along with you.  We love reading about how your family has embraced life…all of it.  You guys are an inspiration.  I thank God for giving you the courage and strength to not just persevere through this trial, but to thrive through it.  His refining fire comes in various forms, and He is always glorified when His children come through it bearing the image of His Son more closely. God Bless & Love,The Erickson family


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