Fight or Flight…or both.

Seven oncologist, radiologist, surgeons, five states, four consultations, what seems like hundreds of calls, long drives, faxes, emails and overnighting records and we’ve finally started a plan.


The first time around this all seemed so formatted and conclusive. Dumbstruck and broken of course but we stepped into a deeply tread path of the many families before us. Our eyes red and mouths gaping we agreed to the whole deal…just save our baby.

Lane 2014 shortly before diagnosis. 

These last few weeks I have seen a father fight for the life of his daughter. My husband has spent hours on the phone with any doctor or nurse that would hear him. He has walked out in the middle of appointments that have offered complete hopelessness and obvious indifference to call an office that has Lane on a waiting list and beg to be seen sooner. I mean, red faced and tears screaming down his cheeks for someone to listen.  More precisely to care about his girl. To have an ounce of compassion on this little life. He’s chased every lead and forged a new road for us. He’s slept on the couch so I can be close with Lane when the days seemed especially dark. He’s combated coldness and derision from even the most unlikely but most painful sources.He’s taken quite well to being the squeaky wheel and he’s practically a professional at leaving voicemail’s.

Greg -this, my fierce warrior, is your finest hour. 

2016-04-13 15.11.45
Greg at his usual post next to Lane at her most recent bone scan. *Which came back clear!*

There are currently no trials available for Lane and the protocol is to do everything she did last time. We have fought to do radiation first because the cancer did not come back in it’s original spot. It came back regionally in her parotid gland and did not spread to any lymph nodes. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post a 3% survival rate was given to Lane with chemo and radiation therapy.

One night I told Lane, “I would take every bit of this cancer if I could”.
She looked and me with crackers tumbling from her mouth and said “I wouldn’t give it to you!” It completely caught me off guard “Why is that?” I said.
“I can do cancer again Mom” she smiled and shrugged her shoulders “It’s my thing”.
I have a special girl. An amazing girl that can will herself into tremendous concentration and focus. A girl that can lay perfectly still through 45 minute MRI’s, bone scans, pet scans and CT scan’s.  She’s dumped sugar and takes loads of new supplements…all with hardly a complaint.

We have hope. Always have hope

Hello Sunshine!

Our journey has led us to Arizona. We will be meeting with an oncologist, pediatric radiation oncologist and our naturopathic oncologist. Our hopes are to get her set up for proton beam radiation and see what other treatments are available. If this is to all work out we will be staying in the Ronald McDonald house in Phoenix Arizona for 4-6 weeks.

I don’t know where this will lead. I don’t know how much it will cost. I don’t know how much we can push and I don’t know what the outcome will be.

I am convinced that God is able to do that which he has promised.

He has promised:
-to love us(John 3:16)
-to guide our steps(Psalms 119:105)
-to hold all of our tears in a bottle(Psalms 56:8)
-to hear our prayers (James 5:16)
-that the Spirit will intercede when my pain is too much to bear(Romans 8:26)

Your prayers and support are vital to our lives. Please continue to pray for my girl. The Lord is not done yet and neither are we. Arizona here we come.


We do have a continued campaign that will help for all of these upcoming expenses.
Thank you!
Click here: Support Laney Bug


“If we’re going to fight a disease,let’s fight one of the most terrible diseases of all, indifference.”-Robin Williams,Patch Adams.


4 thoughts on “Fight or Flight…or both.

  1. Dear Beth & Greg, I just want you to know we love you and are praying without ceasing! Ever since little Laney’s 1st diagnosis, you all have been on my heart and in my prayers (along w/my family) and i will certainly continue! These words you have written here are beyond beautiful. I know the Lord has big plans for your strong & courageous Laney Bug! Joshua 1:9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. One of my favorite verses to lean on. Not only praying for Laney, but for you, Greg and the girls in your journey ahead. All my love (Becki & family, friends of Tracy & Jerry)


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